Strategic and restructuring advisory

Valmeon Corporate Finance will invite you to review your strategic positions and examine with you options that may lead to devising an optimal structure for your company’s capital.

This will involve Valmeon Corporate Finance detecting pockets of unexploited growth and making them productive, implementing hitherto inactive levers which could improve the company’s profitability and setting up a middle management and effective reporting structures.

If the company is about to be disposed of, Valmeon Corporate Finance will help you analyse the risks borne by the shareholders. Valmeon Corporate Finance also offers to assess the financial value of the company concerned and, more generally, once a business plan has been formalised, can take charge of monitoring and executing it.

We also advise companies, creditors, shareholders or any other party facing a complex financial situation in a delicate context.

We also offer to manage all the aspects of the restructuring process, in particular to enable the directors to focus on the day-to-day management of their company and to optimise its performance. We may also identify new sources of short-term financing when traditional financing mechanisms are not available.

Understanding the priorities of the various players in the financing market as we do, our added value consists particularly of identifying the negotiation levers available to our client so as to achieve an optimum structure.