Mergers and acquisitions advice

At that crucial moment when you are envisaging acquiring another company, or disposing of your own, you will find Valmeon Corporate Finance a source of sound advice which should enable you to carry out this kind of transaction in the best possible conditions. You will be guided through the various potential types of external growth operations and the processes of setting up joint ventures, partnerships and mergers.

In the particular context of advice on disposals and to carry out a disposal in optimum conditions, a full understanding of the activity concerned is essential. Consequently, we embark on such a process only once we have made a thorough and exhaustive analysis of the company or branch of activity concerned. We work in close collaboration with the managerial teams so as to develop the best argument for presentation to potential acquirers. Our knowledge of the various processes and sectors, together with our network, constitute undeniable advantages for the successful completion of this type of transaction.