Financing and fund raising advice

These are delicate operations which must be conducted with discretion and discernment. Valmeon Corporate Finance can help you raise funds in various forms: shareholders’ equity, debt or hybrid capital. If it is thought necessary to put you in touch with private equity funds, Valmeon Corporate Finance will be at your side to conduct the negotiations. Operations concerning management packages also involve procedures during which you may benefit from Valmeon Corporate Finance‘s advice and guidance.

In difficult and complex markets, where the financial backers’ size and financial sophistication are usually greater than those of their clients, companies need objective advice that is not guided by associated commercial interests and particularly by the desire to “sell” a financial product.

Our knowledge of the debt markets (both private and public) enables us to produce adequate financing solutions while guaranteeing optimum conditions for the client.

We do not promote any financial product or financing structure. Our sole concern is to optimise the financing conditions of our clients.